King Tut’s Titantron Music

King Tut’s Titantron Music

Just Jae is back off sabbatical, took a 2 year break since his last release RawNo4Play the collab mixtape with Kosher Kris. The Return of Young Shit sounds new and fresh and like nothing thats out right now. It sounds like they sampled King Tut’s entrance music, the one they used to play as he walked on to the Titantron and got in the ring. This is one of the reasons I fuck with Just Jae, I’ll admit he doesn’t have the best bars, but his flow and delivery definitely makes up for that. It’s curious to see a rapper who isn’t yet “On” to take a 2 year absence from the game, not dropping music or performing, but Jae usually plays by his own rules anyway.

The Lakewood rapper tweeted yesterday “I was blessed to have had a group w my 2 brothers but now I have a whole team behind me. BIDNESS LA FAMILIA” This confirms a lot has changed since he released his last project. Since then he has seen his ex Fam x Biz group member A$ton Matthews rise to popularity and get signed to A$AP Worldwide. He’s also seen peers and former collaborators Joey Fatts and Vince Staples get signed to major label deals as well. I’m sure using all that as motivation we will not be disappointed when he drops his new project The Game is Thick Part 3 in the fall.

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