Hit It Good Got Her Walkin Funny

Hit It Good Got Her Walkin Funny

DJ Mustard enlists frequent collaborators Ty$ and 2 Chainz for his first single “Down on Me” off 10 Summers dropping August 12th. And he also enlists hoochies for the video, normal Mustard activities, good song but this isn’t “the one” I know Dijon has something better up his leather sleeve.

The best part of the song is the hilarious punchlines provided by Ty$ and 2 Chainz, Dolla Sign is slick with his but if you pay attention it is pure comedy. He says “taking shots to the kidneys, she probably won’t make it to 50” that is so sad and hilarious, saying she will die a premature death if she doesn’t change her lifestyle drastically in such a subtle way. Then at 1:13 he does the “Hit it good got her walkin funny dance” classic shit. 2 Chainz of course is no stranger to punchlines also chips in to the comedy with “Fuck her in the shower while she drop soap” which is funny but on second thought sounds kinda rapey. Overall weird video, the random domesticated exotic animals had me like homegirl from the memes with the cupped hand out.

My thoughts on his first single, It was tight but I feel like it should have been a little bigger. I said I was talking about his single not his T-Shirt…Ya’ll are immature. –Vic Stunts

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