Over my Deaf Body.

Over my Deaf Body.

Rich Homie Quan just dropped the visuals to his Problem assisted single “Walk Thru“. I fuck with the video, its different, they’re in the air, at Rich Homie University, Compton riverbeds and on Atlanta rooftops, all delightful places to walk thru. And improvised choreography makes an appearance as well, which is always appreciated here. The only Problem (yes pun intended) I have is with Rich Homie’s confusion of his 5 senses. He said “Even if I was blind I could still smell money” its safe to say he never saw the masterpiece that was 5 Senses with Marlon Wayans. If he did he would know when you go blind, you can still smell anything and actually you can smell even better than you could when you had vision. But besides being inept when it comes to the human senses Quan has a banger here, even if you’re deaf? –Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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