You Makin’ Me Feel Unbomfortable

YG400 is Bicken Back Being Biolent in his new video for Bicken Back Being Bool. The video starts with OG Grimace’s monologue and immediately there after continues to showcase Bompton hood shit. YG hits up the walls in the alleys, plays dominoes sippin’ on malt liquor, normal everyday things. A drive-by shootout breaks out, then YG’s homies hop in ’64 looking for the enemies and leave him behind with the guy in the wheelchair so they can stay home and smoke a biggarrette eat a bowl of bereal.

From start to finish this is a great, mini movie type of video dramatizing every day life in Bompton, Balifornia or maybe its based on a true story (I wouldn’t know because videos like these make me avoid that part of Rosecrans Ave). Either way, YG keeps on putting out quality music and videos so we gotta Bongratulate him. -Victor Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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