Don’t Interrupt Me When I’m Talkin’ To The Booty

What do Ice Cube, Red Foo, and 2 Chainz have in common? They love to make ridiculous songs with even crazier videos(or at least now they do). I never ever thought this trio would ever be seen together, make music, or be in the same sentence. But one thing about Booty shaking, is it brings people of all walks of life together, its like the opposite of politics and religion.

After watching this video I wouldn’t be mad if they form a super group called “Red IceChainz”, but Cube knows his “Hardcore” fans would be. He even addressed them in an Instagram post yesterday saying “It’s only one song, and when you see your girl dance to this shit you’ll love me again”. In all honesty the song is pretty whack as far as Cube’s quality of music, his flow and lyrics are boring, he sounds like an old timer with his word selection. However, its a fun song and video to be played in the club or at parties. I find it pretty funny/ironic he sampled maybe his most famous song “Today Was a Good Day” for the hook. Blame Red Foo for giving Ice Cube the courage to step out the ’64 and into “Booty Drop Laboratories Incorporated”. Cube’s new album “Everythangs Corrupt” is due out October 21st and with this as the lead single we have no idea what to expect. – Victor Stunts

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