ComptonFornia 2: Don’t Play This In Your ’09 Corolla.

ComptonFornia 2: Don’t Play This In Your ’09 Corolla.

AD releases the sequel to his 2013 effort Welcome To ComptonFornia 2 hosted by Adrian Swish. This release follows in the same theme of streets raps, turn up beats, 90’s West coast samples we heard on the first ComptonFornia, but AD is definitely progressing as an artist. He wins on this tape with his beat selection alone, every instrumental is A1 sauce.

Timing Ft Dubb starts the tape off right. Production sounds like the score to a crooked cop movie, and the hook is written and delivered perfectly, then Dubb drops an ill verse at the end.

Next, ComptonFornia 2 produced by DJ official samples 2pac’s “California Love” and is a banger! I can definitely picture this being blasted down Rosecrans Ave in a ’84 Monte Carlo, ’81 El Camino, ’96 Impala, anything but a ’09 Corolla with manual windows.

Without It is probably the coolest, smoothest, easiest to like track on here. Problem, Bad Lucc and a MC Breed “Aint No Future” sample; Need I say more? Oh yeah Chachi fuckin’ kills it!

The Tory Lanez assisted “Her” is a two girls are better than one proposition to his shorty rock. With lines like “Do you like girls like I do?” and “So tell me are you curious? ‘Cuz on the real girl I’m serious” he’s bound to get the trifuckta poppin’ eventually.

Paper prouduced by Lil Fresh is a smooth song but the hook sounds like something I’ve heard many times before.

Around This Way, and Nosey are decent mixtape songs, nothing particularly special about them.

Bitch Ways is slightly above that because AD switches his flow and is very animated throughout.

Now onto my favorite track on the project “No More” the production is epic, the hook is impeccable, so smooth and very relatable, everyone has reached that point when they “Dont Give a Fuck No More”. It seems like this track is a bit personal and introspective, possibly written for his ex girl. The only gripe I have with this song is I don’t know if Constantine’s part contributed to the song, his verse wasn’t bad at all his voice is just a bit odd, he sounds like he could be Young Thug’s little brother.

Lookin’ and Bout it are decent hood records, but sound too alike to be next to each other.

Stupid Ft G Austin is outstanding, the Suga Free sample fits in perfectly with the theme of the project (DJ Official is a monster) and also seems to be based on true events.

Super Hero is the wildest, funnest song I’ve heard in a while. This shit will make you laugh because of the witty raps by AD, G Malone and Rich Rocka but is not a novelty song by any means, its a BANGER. After listening to this song try to get Tun-Tun-Na-Na out of your head, its impossible to do.

Paul Wall makes an unexpected, forgettable appearance on the last track Wide Open produced by ShowTyme. This isn’t a bad song but the tape could have done without it.

Overall good tape, decent replay value, I believe “No More” and “Her” could get some radio spins. AD definitely built momentum and showed progress with this project. Larry Jay’s notoriety should grow after producing the majority of ComptonFornia 2. I’m anxious to see what the Compton MC cooks up next time around.

Standout Tracks: Timing, ComptonFornia 2, Without It, Her, No More, Stupid, Superhero.

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