Batting a Thousand.

Batting a Thousand.

Joey FATTS is fucking the game up at both sides of the plate right now, producing and rapping. But the self proclaimed Chipper Jones of rap is now working on another dimension of his game, directing. That means he’s 3/3 batting 1000 on his new song Million $ Dreams, rapping, producing and directing the video. All of which are fuckin ill! No lacking, and his Cutthroat counterpart Vince Staples leads off with a homerun verse. If the video gives you Deja-Vu, its not because you just hit the instant replay button, its because this is part two to last years “Lindo” video also featuring Vince Staples. He’ll probably hit for the cycle in August when Chipper Jones Vol. 3 drops. If you haven’t watched the full Lindo video watch it first below. –Vic Stunts

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