If You Build it, They Will Come…

If You Build it, They Will Come…

Ab-Soul just dropped one of my favorite videos of the year for “Hunnid Stacks” ft Schoolboy Q off his These Days album. I like the way it looks so effortless, like Mac Miller is just waking up for the hook and hookers then falling back asleep. He reminds me of The Guy on The Couch in Half Baked, awesome. There’s also alot of nice A$$ in this video, but its effortless A$$, like these girls didn’t squat 400 lbs 5 times a week to get it, they woke up like dat. Off top you know its a good video when it makes you go to the hardware store to make home improvements on your studio apartment to look like the house in the video. Got me at the store like I need a bathtub, I need a kitchen island, I need abstract art, maybe If I build it…They will come…ANYWAYS PEEP THAT SHIT! – Vic Stunts

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