Born in 2000, its Whatever.

Young Marqus just dropped some major heat! The Houston MC boasts how “He never shows ID” thats because he can’t legally drive a car. He’s 14 years old!!! Man let that sink in, he wasn’t yet born when Cash Money Records was taking over for the 99’s and the 2000’s, thats crazy. And on his first single he gets 1500 or Nothin’ to produce the track and YG to lay a verse. Marqus has an ill flow, no corny bars, strictly dope street shit, sounds unlike any 14 year old I ever heard. And I grew up in the Golden Era of 14 year old middle school rappers such as Lil’ Romeo, Lil’ Bow Wow, Lil’ Zane all in their prime which was around the year 2000. He’s bringing real 14 year old rappers back, we no longer have to listen to Lil’ Twist, Lil’ Chuckee, Lil’ Mouse or Lil’ Terrio. Well Done Marqus! -Victor Stunts

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