“Kingdom” (Belly 3?) Common x Vince Staples

Shyne Coldchain aka Vince Staples is really really out here. North Long Beach’s own is shynin’ on Common’s single “Kingdom” off his new Album Nobody Smiling with the video directed by Hype Williams! The connection for this unexpected collaboration is none other than the Legendary Producer No I.D. who has been working closely with Vince since his signing to Def Jam. This high profile feature will definitely get the industry familiar with the cutthroat crip if they haven’t already.

When I first started watching this I heard the narrator, saw Hype Williams name and I instantly thought of Belly. I got excited like “this is the sequel no ones been waiting for” but then I remembered they already made Belly 2 (Yeah, I’m the only one who watched it I know) so I’m like damn they doing Belly 3 finally. Unfortunately this isn’t a part 3 However, it is a mini movie set in the mean Chicago streets, there are strippers in it, and its only 8 minutes long, so its automatically better than Belly 1 and 2. Enjoy! –Victor Stunts

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