I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over…

I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over…

Hurricane Game is back on his gangsta shit, 2005 back!! This joint had me immediately looking for my red and white Hurricanes and a fresh Pro Club in my closet, I didn’t find either one, however I did find my old Rocawear jeans, but I digress. Basically Game dissed every new rapper in the rap directory, proceeding to call them “tampon lyricists” and “Bitch Bois”. He even gave Frank Ocean the go ahead to forcefully fornicate with all these men as well, which was pretty funny. My favorite part of the whole shit was the chainsaw YING YING YING ON A MUTHAFUCKA though ‘cuz that shit is an onomatopoeia and theres nothing more gangsta than inventing a new onomatopoeia, well done Game.


*Update* Game quickly drops the video to BIgger Than Me and in my eyes it is corny. Every name he drops can be seen in the video when he says it, not very creative Chuck. He holds a polaroid up of Frank Ocean in his hand for a long time, for a little too long in my opinion, and my cynical mind starts to wonder how did he get that picture, and all the other candids of his enemies, sort of strange. Moreover, with Game sitting in the throne rapping and the dark creepy house he is in makes it seem like he asked Matt Alonzo to just combine the video treatments to Put You On The Game and Martians Vs Goblins and sprinkle a little bit of Eminem’s 3AM. It makes me feel like I’ve already seen this video, and to me that is a terrible thing. Game, you put footage of G-Unit in this, what was that about?! Add this one to the dope song, forgettable visual list. Watch and tell us how you feel about it!

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