A$ton 3:16 Says I Just Rapped My Ass Off

A$ton 3:16 Says I Just Rapped My Ass Off

Growing up in the 562 area of LA, it is common occurrence to see more and more rappers surface with the hopes of someday making it into the industry.  Unfortunately, many just go as far as putting out one mixtape and performing locally.

Hailing from Lakewood, CA, A$ton Matthews is a rapper that is slowly making a name for himself, not just in LA, but in the industry. Though, A$ton has dropped mixtapes in the past, it can be said that A$ton 3:16 is the Matthews’ first introduction to the industry.  With the backing of A$AP Yams, who is also behind A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob, it would be hard to ignore him, as A$ton may be the next big thing.   A$ton is a rapper from LA, but you can tell being connected with A$AP Yams helped him get with the likes of New York acts of Action Bronson, Bodega Bamz, A$AP Ferg, the Flatbush Zombies, as well as fellow LA rappers Vince Staples, Ab-Soul and Joey Fatts.

The first track opens with the glass shattering and heavy guitar riffs of WWF superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme music.  Growing up as a hardcore wrestling fan, this mixtape has already won me over.  Part of A$ton Matthews’ persona is influenced by Stone Cold and wrestling, hence the 3:16, Latino Heat and TLC as odes to “Austin 3:16”, Eddie Guerrero, and the infamous Tables, Ladders, Chairs matches.  Listening to the mixtape, I like to compare A$ton’s flow as a LA kid that listened to 90’s NYC rap growing up.  Many of the tracks can be perfectly complement any of the members of the A$AP Mob because of it’s east coast boom bap/down south influenced production.

Though I feel 19 songs on this mixtape may feel a little too long, it is very easy to vibe to A$ton’s flow as he shows no difficulty or struggle in riding the beats. The tape lost a lot of replay value from me because of how long it is, I found this tape best listened to when riding to it.  It is however easy to go back to because of how good the production is. Any rapper that can get Alchemist, who in my opinion is one of hip-hop’s best producers, to produce on their project will always get my attention.  Also, it is hard for any real hip-hop fan to pass on this mixtape when they see the cover is an ode to Ice Cube’s classic ‘Death Certificate’ album cover.

A$ton Matthews is part of the group Cutthroat Boyz, along with Vince Staples and Joey Fatts.  Vince Staples is already well-known here in LA, but everyone should be on the lookout for Joey Fatts and his upcoming Chipper Jones Vol. 3.

Standout Tracks:





Money, Mackin’, Murda

Latino Heat Pt. 2

Mack 11


Alex Dantic


Rosecrans Vic

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